A on social media creates awareness and excitement

A rapid
change in the behaviour, preference and attitudes of people led towards the
rise in the use of digital platforms. It provides a channel which allows the
audience to share photos, videos and audios. 

Earlier in order to market a movie, an extensive market research
had to be conducted and film producers would advertise on billboards, prints,
radio and television 6 week’s prior to the release of the film but now because
of social media everything is possible in just one click. 

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Movie makers now prefer to use social media for promoting their
movie. With the help of social media marketing the audience feels a sense of
ownership and it creates a greater connect and awareness than any other form of

Bollywood celebrities also prefer advertising via social media
as when they  tweet or respond about their movies from their own Twitter
and Facebook accounts it attracts a much larger audience. 

Film makers now prefer to rely on digital marketing as they are
able to attract a huge audience with lesser efforts and without spending

Hashtags, tweets, blogs, comments and posts on social media
creates awareness and excitement and more number of people go and watch the



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