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21, thats the current legal age of consumption of alcohol but it has been a running debate amongst the american people on whether or not it should be lowered to the age of 18. What is your opinion on this? The national drinking age was raised to the age of 21 in the United States in 1984 after the National Minimum Drinking Age Act signed by Ronald Reagan July 17th. He believed that there were too many irresponsible drivers driving under the influence that resulted in the deaths of many. He made it a law that the states could simply say no to but with a consequence of not receiving a 5% federal highway funding. Initially some states did say no but by Oct.1, 1996 all 50 states signed to regulate the law for if they didn’t the federal highway funding would decrease by 10%. Floridians resisted the new law by stating that people of the age of 18 could vote and join the armed forces but not drink in public. But Reagan stuck with his plan with the help of legislation to help ‘save children’s lives’. Before 1984, the national repeal of prohibition ended in 1933 by the 21st amendment but only applied to men while women were allowed to drink at the age of 18 in the states of Illinois (1933-1961) and Oklahoma(1933-1976). The national drinking age is defended by 75% of the country stating that the consumption of alcohol is harmful towards kids for its irresponsible and can interfere with the development of their frontal lobe that deals with dealing with emotions that leads to depression, suicide and violent tendencies. People also argue that the amount of traffic accidents in 2002 have reduced and that from the years of 1975- 2008 the lives saved from alcohol related incidents of the ages between 18-20 years by 27,000 lives. Another argument stated is that people who are 21 years of age are more to be more responsible than at the age of 18. They voice that 18 year olds are entering into environments such as college and the work field and can be at risk of abusing alcoholic consumption for their maturity level is still child like. Those on the opposing side have argued that at the age of 18 you become a legal adult who have the right to vote, serve jury duties, get married, and could have purchased cigarettes, but is unable to purchase alcohol. Dwight B. Heath has proclaimed “Banning alcohol until 21 creates something called Forbidden Fruit Syndrome.” This means that the youth would be drawn to drinking in unsafe environments instead of supervised places such as bars or restaurants