10. not a horror movie, but banned by

10. Faces of Death (1971)A pseudo-documentary horror film that has been frightening the public for years, even though it is banned in 46 countries. It contained scenes of a “bloody” blood fight, a brutal execution of an electric chair, American tourists squeezed into the brain of a living monkey, a child swallowed by a crocodile, the satanic cannibal party, camping because he was crazy. Feed the sandwich and it will be the real lunch. The audience was confused, whether on stage or real.approximately11. A mechanical orange (1971)Technically, it’s not a horror movie, but banned by censors that represent anarchic and antisocial acts of violence. Stanley Kubrick dissects the essence of violence in this ironic darkness and near the future with violence, massive pesos, collective injuries and unreported sexually explicit scenes.approximately12. Land of the Dead (2005)A disturbing zombie movie with a lot of cannibalism showing bloodless people starving during the famine in Ukraine in 1933 to eat human flesh, which the Ukrainian authorities did not like and eventually was banned. He had special effects that moved his stomach and shook the audience.approximately13. centipede human II (complete sequence) (2011)It was a black and white horror film about a mentally disturbed person, owned by The Human Centipede, who abducts a group of people who have created their own “human millipedes” to portray their fantasies. perverted sex. In the United Kingdom, many scenarios were capped by censors and banned in Australia.approximately14. Absurd (1981)Of the 39 horror films banned in the United Kingdom in 1984, one was absurd for its disturbing macabre scenes, with a butcher’s head divided in the middle with a band saw. He also had some religious nuances from a priest trying to kill a demon in human skin.approximately15. Visiting hours (1982)This disturbing film shows a serial killer who hates women and wants to kill these feminists. It was a seasoned Slasher, thanks to Michael Ironside’s appearance as a Thriller Lover and was inspired by John Carpenter for Halloween.