1. priced band in the off peak

1.     It
will help Kodak to have a product in all the tiers. They already have a product
in super premium and premium category and with the launch of Funtime, they will
get access to Economy tier also.

2.     Kodak’s
market share is decreasing due to increasing competitors and private label
products which are offered at lower price. In addition to this, research showed
that 10% of the customers shopped on the basis of price only. With Funtime,
Kodak can now target these customers with the competitive advantage of their
strong brand equity which will help them increase their customer base.

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3.     As
Kodak is considering launching Funtime in limited quantities and value packs,
it will reduce the cost of packaging and there will not be much impact on the
sales of Gold Plus as well. Overall, this strategy will help in profit

4.     Kodak’s
potential competitors in low price category offer these two most popular speeds
(ISO 100 & 200) and it is essential for Funtime to get launched in the same
category if it wants to compete with them. In addition to this, Royal Gold
would be offered in five speed. This will make the customers differentiate the
brands on the basis of quality and will prevent Gold film customers to switch
from lower priced band in the off peak selling times. It will

Selling Funtime through all classes
of trade will also help in increasing the distribution network and making the
low cost product reach the customers easily.


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