1.Introduction China agriculture museum presented in china at


China agriculture museum presented
in china at district chao yang East 3rd road. It was ratified by the
State Council and founded on July 1983, which belongs to a professional museum.

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China agriculture museum is
most fabulous building design due to its beautiful flower, big lake and
abundant of green trees that are pleasant environment for visitor. It is only
one agriculture museum in china and it is most 10th famous building
in Beijing. 15000 square meter land is covered by that museum. The museum is
divided into sex parts first one is Chinese agriculture civilization exhibition
hall second is Chinese traditional farming tools exhibition hall third is china
soil specimen exhibition hall, forth is ancient agriculture in painted pottery
exhibition hall and fifth is teenager agriculture science popularization hall
sixth is outdoor exhibition park.

The elementary exhibition of
China Agriculture contains Agriculture Resource Area Division, Water Resource
Exhibition except for wild animals, China Ancient Agriculture Science &
Technology History Exhibition, exhibited animal varieties further contain
various scarcity animal varieties like world famous panda, twisted horn
antelope, golden monkey, red-crowned cranes and spotted bears etc.
The museum also exhibits many specimens
of animals and birds in outstanding change as well as the varieties of the
pest’s normal enemy that delivers the material substances of individual
anti-pest research. The water reserve series contains three parts like
fresh water fishing industry, sea fishing industry and flowing water fish
family. It announces the ample water reserve in China and promotes the water reserve
technology facts to the huge viewers. 

Address: National Agriculture Exhibition Center Station,
Tuanjiehu Station, Tuanjiehubeikou Station or Liangmaqiao Station. Beijing.
Telephone: 010-65018877-2260 
Opening time: 09:00-16:00 (only closed on Monday). 
Bus route: Bus Nos. 43, 113, 115, 117, 402, 405 and 302.

2.Rules and
regulation for visitor

 The Museum is free to all visitors, and visitors should make an
appointment 5 days beforehand. The maximum numbers of visitors is 2000 per day.
Visitors need to provide some basic personal information including their names.
Each visitor can get no more than 5 free tickets (group visits can only be
reserved by phone in advance). When booking is made, visitors should get their
tickets before 16 o’clock on the day of visiting from the designated place. The
reservation will be cancelled if the tickets are not picked up before 4.
(Senior citizens above 60 may visit with free admission vouchers without reservation).
Regularly provided free tour guiding 9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m.13:30 p.m. 15:00 p.m.
No admission for heavy drinkers, and anyone improperly dressed. Those without
mobility or with limited capacity should be accompanied by his or her
custodian. Routine security checked before the visit. Anyone with inflammables
or explosives, forbidden tools, liquid and other dangerous objects will not be
allowed to enter. 

3.Social and
educational activities in museum

China agriculture museum is one
the top 100 national patriotic education bases is also a national scientific
education base for teenager. It is international education base for peace and
education programmed. CAM has explored the new model in which combined the
curricular as well as extracurricular activities for social experience and
development for younger student. CAM management invited the teacher to conduct
the classes in museum for moral education, learn history, biology, geography
and other magic things. In addition, management designed the book that
encourage to think about the hardworking of the previous people that lead to
them innovation. For many years aim of CAM management to provide the quality
education to youngster. They also organize the competition for primary, middle
student to boost their knowledge. Meanwhile CAM has held series of lecture on
the science like agriculture culture, agriculture folk custom, farming
technique and appreciation of culture relics. CAM play role to disseminating
agriculture scientific and technological knowledge to communicate in different
ways such as board etc. CAM organize the series of publication every year like
spring of science popularization, visiting the new CAM, experiencing ancient and
modern agriculture, talented personnel in planting and booming lantern
festival. CAM has updating and renovating the basic facilities and exhibition
for providing more extracurricular activities.

Three screen cinema

This screen cinema represented
how the people divided the solar year into traditional Chinese calendar into 24
periods. This screen cinema highlight that museum adopts the 3D technology.

in museum

4.1.China agriculture civilization exhibition hall

hall manly reflected the agriculture history of china includes agriculture
science, culture, economy and society. It reflected how china developed the
agriculture to improve the economy. In that hall ancient farming tools, water
conservative project, textile machine invented and first woven cloth was
presented. Whole hall reflects the Chinese agriculture culture and society.


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