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1.    What, according to Victor Turner, are the characteristics that distinguish priests, prophets, shamans, and mediums?2. Explain the relationship between the scale of society & the type of religious specialist likely to be found, as reported by Turner?According to Victor Turner, priests carry out the functioning and cultural tradition of regularly ordered and permanent enterprise by following rituals pertaining to the worship of the Almighty. His job is simply to carry forth the services and uphold the values of the Church whose duties may differ give or take depending on the denomination of the Church he represents. He is trained on the path of service to the lord and will continue to uphold the practice of rites and rituals as it has always been and must be and will be followed by large-scale hierarchical social groups of the millionsProphets tend to be charismatic and are said to have obtained some supernatural ability sometimes through fasting or other means. The prophet’s calling comes from some form of enlightenment with words of instruction that are not his own but from God and involves some type of new doctrine that better suits the social changes of the times. Prophets are also of large and medium scale social groups involving thousands to millions. Tend to be patrilineal, unilineal, or matrilineal with lineal ancestor spirits. Kinship dominates the social organization.Shamans are said to have gained their supernatural ability from having close dealings with a spirit or entity of some sort and are in constant communication with the spirit world. Usually come into power with cultures that are acephalous since they are looked up to, and admired. Shamans are sometimes a medium and mostly common of a smaller scale indigenous society of hundreds to thousands but have been known to reach large scale proportions. They are often called healers or medicine men that use plants and herbs to heal physical ailments. Based on my own study outside of Victor Turner’s characteristics, Shamans also believe that some ailments are spiritual ailments and cannot be cured by the same means as physical ailments, but rather spiritual remedies. Often called witch doctors but a new study in the cure ratio of natural herbs used for physical ailments by certain Shamans, witch doctors, medicine men, or what have you, prove above average cure ratio. Many of the medicines we use today come from an indigenous Mayan medicine man by the name of Don Elijio Panti. (See the book Sastun by Rosita Arvijo) Mediums, also known as diviners, allow their bodies to be controlled or possessed being used as vessels by a spirit or some form of supernatural entity. Like the Shaman, they are of large and small-scale social groups.


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