1. opportunities to trade with other countries

William Penn and the Pertains both saw their own colonies as “holy
experiments”, their ideas were completely opposite in their beliefs. Penn,
believed that while you have the freedom to practice whatever religion you
wished to and could practice it, he was a bigger believer that the government
could decide how you should act morally out in the public. Meanwhile the
Puritans, believed that they were chosen by God, and very serious in their
practice of their religion and did not stray from what they believed. Penn was
accepting of everyone’s own choice; the Puritans would not associate with
someone of a different religion than them.

a salve back in the day was not very uncommon for white land owners, especially
during the time of the production of sugar. At first, there were no laws about
slavery or owning slaves. Slaves were profitable to sugar producers because of
the free labor they would get. While they might have had indentured servants
still, they had a contract that would eventually end whereas a slave, has no
time frame before they would gain freedom and were oftentimes slaves their
whole lives. In 1705 a law was passes officially stating that slaves were now
property of their owners and could be bought, sold, lease, or even passed down
to a descendant of their previous owner. 
The law also stated that freed black men, did not have the same rights
and freedoms as a white man did.

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Mercantilism, The English began to see that colonies would be a great benefit
as it created many opportunities to trade with other countries and bring in
revenue for the main land in Britain. With the American Colonies trading
between different countries, they exported tobacco and sugar as some their main
crops. Most Americans did not complain about the regulations because while
Britain was gaining commerce so were the colonies.

three of these are prime examples of the widespread crisis that was happening
across the British North American. The first being King Phillips war, which was
a war fought between colonials and natives, because some colonials tried to
take over their land and they attacked. The colonials then counterattack and
wipe out a good position of the natives. Meanwhile, Bacon’s Rebellion was
fuelled by angry colonist who didn’t agree with his ruling and decide to kill
more Indians for land. The Salem Witch Trails, was a ongoing hunt within the
town of Salem, Mass, where it was said some women were witches. Women who were
tried and found guilty were executed. These are all prime examples of how
people were committing unnecessary killings among innocent people and how
people began to turn on others around them due to greed or superstition.

18th century colonies of America were different than what the
previous century had saw, when settlers first arrived it was rich white males.
By the 18th century, there was more diversity among the colonist. Men
and women, all varying of social classes, settlers from countries other than
Britain, along with black men and women. The groups benefited in a certain
order, men were superior over the women, based off of traditions. The rich were
superior over the poor, because they had more monetary freedom. The whites were
superior to the blacks at this time due to the laws in place about the ability
to own slaves and how everyone looked down upon blacks as nothing more than

the end of the 17th century, America became one of the leaders in commerce
among countries, and part of the reason for that is while many good were
exported and imported. America regularly traded with European nations which was
against the law as all imports and exports had to travel to England first. They
regularly traded sugar, fur, tobacco, and other goods, such as slaves. 

you lived in New England, you might not see as many slaves in the north due to
industrialization beginning to take place and you would see few black people
who had either escaped slavery or had fulfilled their indentured service
contract. The backcountry was the most rapidly growing regions in North America
and was mostly settled by farm families raising grain and livestock. But, the
further you were to travel south, the more slaves you would begin to see
especially in areas where fields and plantations were.

the 18th century, family was the center of economic life.
Independent farmers heavily relied on the labor of dependent women and kids.
Free women were expected to devote their life to being good wives and mothers.
While woman had could at one point have represented herself at court, in the 18th
century she would need to hire a lawyer. A women’s work was defined for them,
such as, cooking, cleaning, and sewing. Women, while they were beginning to
have more independence, but at the same time they were domesticated, they were
playing a bigger role in society than previously.




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