1. the related equations of various rectifier

1. Identify the types of diodes -Avalanche Diode is well suited for use in protective applications, inductive circuits, high voltage circuits and when connecting diodes in series-Schottky Diode also known as high carrier diodes. Used primarily in high frequency and fast switching applications. It operates only in majority carriers.-Varactor Diode it is also known as variable capacitance diode. Are commonly used in electronics tuning circuits used in communication systems.-Power Diode have larger power, voltage, and current handling capabilities than ordinary signal diodes.2. Discuss, illustrate and derive the related equations of various rectifier circuits.-Half Wave Rectifier when ac supply has been applied at the input part, only the positive (+) half cycle appears across the load where the negative (-) half cycle is subdue. -Full wave rectifier it come up with a higher average output voltage by changing the polarities (both) of the input waveform to the pulsating dc.-Center-tapped rectifier two (2) diodes are connected in the circuit therefore each one of them uses one half cycle of the input ac voltage.-Full Wave Bridge Rectifier is one of the efficient forms of full wave rectifiers that utilizes at least four (4) diodes.Comparison of Rectifiers 3. Discuss the block diagram of a power supply. You may illustrate it and the corresponding waveforms. The transformer steps up or steps down the input line voltage and then it isolates the power supply form the power line. The rectifier converts the alternating current input signal to a pulsating dc current. The filter is used to convert pulsating dc to a more desirable form of dc voltage. The last one was the regulator meaning to regulate, it maintains the output of the power supply at a constant level in large changes in the load current. 4. State other applications of a diode. (Rectifier circuit is an application of diode)-Radio Demodulation (AM Radio Broadcast) it consist of alternating positive (+) and negative (-) peaks of voltages whose amplitude is proportional to the original audio signal but whose average value is zero (0).-Over Voltage Protection are usually in reverse biased or a non-conducting under the normal circumstances. But when the voltage rises above the normal range the diodes will become forward biased or conducting. -Current Steering will prevent currents to flow in unintended directions.-Temperature measuring it appears that the voltage has a positive temperature coefficient but depends on doping concentration and operating temperature.-Rectifiers used to convert alternating current (AC) electricity into direct current (DC).-Logic Gates can be combined with other components to construct the AND and OR logic gates. -Ionizing Radiation Detectors have a finite life, especially when detecting heavy particles, because of radiation damages.


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