· their best execution, as one group, having

PIA has agreed to effort
closely with Pakistan International Airline (PIA) management for reviving the
national standard carrier.

PIA pilots are the strength
of any carrier and are the key in airline responsibilities. PIA group is ready
to work closely through PALPA and this visit is the first step in this

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PIA will not be transferred
but the establishment of the airline and its overall structure will change.

PIA will become a
holding company. Strategic planning to build and investors will be requested to
manage these companies to handling improvement of the progress to get his
business of favor of the establishment.

Core function of the
airline flight operations will remain with PIA holding corporation.

PIA is developing
its office and booth at the airport.

Administration of Pakistan with its
renewal get prepared for Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC)
needs a deeply qualified, experienced and lively skilled to be enlisted on
contract premise as full-time Chairman/Chief Executive of the Corporation,
having Pakistani Nationality. The primary motivation behind the activity is to
change PIA from a misfortune making element into a profoundly effective
carrier. In that capacity, the test for the occupant is create and lead a
noteworthy Change Management Program which tends to PIA’s cash linked, working
and social re-stimulation with directing and pushing its kin to convey their
best execution, as one group, having a shared objective of restoring PIA’s
brilliant past.


To accomplish the above target we are
searching for a prepared proficient and an accomplished campaigner having.


•           The vision and administration
aptitudes to deal with an extensive Commercial Organization working globally


•           More than 25 years of experience of
working with extensive associations in senior positions


•           Experience of no less than 15 years
as Director in the Boards of MNCs/Public Sector organizations


•           Experience of functioning as Chairman
of the Boards of no less than one extensive association and guided/taught other
Board individuals on Corporate Governance.


•           As Executive Director he more likely
than not had a dynamic influence in authoritative change.


•           Ability and relational abilities to
lead the group of exceedingly experienced and proficient staff of the


PIA would enhance network (through code
sharing) with different carriers. PIA the national transporter for long a
weight on Pakistan’s financial operations would assume a noteworthy part in
deciding the accomplishment of the new Islamabad air terminal. It has been observed
that air stations and airplanes are established one next to the other. PIA
would remain the key carrier for Islamabad, they would stay just a fatal goal
for isolated airplanes.